Monday, March 7, 2011

No Voice - No Teach

I have learned more in the past few weeks than I have all last semester. My most recent learning experience: do not come to school if you are sick. I struggled horribly last week with a fever, sniffles and sore throat. I tried to push through, but all the talking I had to do in class killed my voice. My fourth period class sensed my weakness and took complete advantage. I was trying to show a movie but they would not stop talking and my mentor teacher wound up stopping the movie and giving them a spelling lesson. I was mortified and disappointed. I took several factors into account.First off, it was Friday (the end of Spirit Week) and the kids could not wait for school to end. Secondly, the class is ruled by a group of "mean girls." My mentor teacher has never shuffled their desks and does not discipline them especially when it comes to cell phones. It's been really frustrating. They were so kind to me when my teaching supervisor observed several weeks ago. It's hard to believe they are the same kids! Regardless, when I woke up this morning my voice was still shot so I stayed home. Tomorrow my teaching supervisor will be visiting and I need my voice.

I am a bit disappointed with my mentor teacher. He isn't very supportive and he has made it clear he likes to work alone. I wonder why his boss chose him to work with a student teacher. Other teachers acknowledge he is a good educator but he has zero social skills. At one point the English chairperson suggested I observe her 9th grade class 3rd period instead of his AP class. I loved it. She is an awesome teacher and a great communicator. My next assignment is to work in a 9th grade setting. I am praying it is with her. I might speak with her tomorrow and see if it can be arranged. I know they are doing me a favor by allowing me in their school, but I am paying tuition to learn and I think I have learned all I can with this teacher. It's time to move on. I guess this is where my management skills will come into play.