Saturday, October 10, 2009

Observations Soon

To say time is flying would be an understatement. I start my observations next week. I met with the A.P. of a local high school last Thursday. To be honest I was a little nervous. The school has a rough reputation. I realized just how true that was when I saw the metal detectors at the student entrance. We don't have many of those here in the suburbs. Regardless, I liked the A.P. She was very down to earth in a comforting and practical kind of way. That was my first impression. She took a small group (4) of us on a tour of the school. She inisisted our observing experience would be hands on- we would not be sitting in a corner taking notes. She wants us to particpate and help out our assigned teachers. Not in grading papers or creating lesson plans, but in classroom dialogue and instruction. I felt kind of motivated hearing that but to be honest it will be up to the teacher I am assigned to be with. They might not be open to classroom observers. I have read that some teachers are very territorial of their classrooms. In any even it should be interesting.

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