Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome Spring Semester

Ok, so I am a horrible blogger. I have had a month off from school and haven't written a thing. But I have been working full time and reading: blogs, journals, newspapers and books. Once school starts I won't have too much free time for lesuire reading. After the harsh cold snap we have been having in NY in the past month, the words "spring semester" warm my heart. I am looking forward to getting back in the classroom. This go around I will be taking three classes: a required adolescent health course, a Shakespeare course and English Writing for Adolsence. The health course is an accelrated weekend class. I will go for three Sundays in a row for 4.5 hours. The other two are traditional 2 hours classes that meet 2 days a week. The Shakespeare class will focus on Romeo and Juliet. It is co-taught by two professors. I am eager to see how they do. The class is meeting in a dance studio. Apparently we students will be engaged in some sort of workshop activities instead of just sitting at a desk. I am all for nontraditinal learning but if I am going to pay three thousand dollars for a graduate level class I like to have a chair to sit on. Maybe my age is showing?

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  1. Hello Nerdgirl, "bon courage" with your studies. I really admire people who are brave enough to resume studying. I did the same, so I know how hard it can be sometimes. You are still young. Focus on your objective. You will feel so "proud" and happier afterwards.