Saturday, June 12, 2010

The hardest to learn is the least complicated

I successfully completed the ATS this morning. I was feeling a bit crappy but made it through. I am still trying hard to understand the meaning of these certification tests. Some of the questions are just bizarre. I know that there has to be some sort of centralized testing for teacher knowledge and basic understanding, I am just not sure what. The two tests I have taken so far really don't do anything to prove that I am worthy of teaching adolescents. I personally think extensive on the job training would be more helpful. I worry about the young people - 20 somethings- who have grown accustomed to not having to interact socially. Think about it: how are they going to communicate effectively with students? I see so much texting that I often wonder if people even talk any more. Colleges should offer a social interaction course for teachers. You know, how to talk to students, parents, administrators etc. Nobody teaches you that. Just a thought. My next certification exam is July 17. This one will be on content. I hope it has something of substance or at leats makes me think.

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