Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dead Poet's Society

I am finding my winter break a bit too long. I am grateful for not having to travel in the horrid weather, but I still wish I had a job. Thankfully I have been in contact with the teacher I will be working with this semester for student teaching. We are meeting this Thursday to review what he is currently teaching.

Yesterday I was happy to find "Dead Poet's Society" on television. It has been years since I had seen it. I was all too happy to crash on the couch and watch it in its entirety without interruption. Now that I am working toward a teaching degree I saw the film through a different set of eyes. The impact was much greater now than I remember the last time I saw it. I related so much more to Mr. Keating (Robin Williams) now. I could understand his creative teaching styles and his desire to want his students to think for themselves. I could also understand the impact his students had on him. When student Neil (Robert Sean Leonard) commits suicide, I once related to his side of the story: coming of age, self-discovery, overbearing parent, etc. I still found myself mad with his parents for not listening to him. But my heart ached even more for Mr. Keating. It's so interesting what time and experience can do in altering how one views the world. I think I can build a lesson out of that somewhere.

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